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Consumer Unit Upgrades in Brighton

Providing professional electrical consumer unit upgrades in Brighton and the surrounding areas

At JS Electric Installations, we have been installing and repairing consumer units in the properties throughout Brighton and surrounding areas for many years. This has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the trade. Our engineers are all NICEIC approved, making us a safe choice when it comes down to the electrical requirements in your property.

Consumer units are essential for the maintenance and running of all properties. They ensure the electrical current throughout your house is regulated, preventing your electrical appliances from becoming overloaded. Not only does this keep your home a hazard-free environment, but it also protects your electrical device, which can be costly to replace.

Consumer units can be thought of as updated, modern versions of fuse boards. They act as a buffer between the electrical appliances and your property power source. With this, in the event of an electrical overload, the consumer unit will switch, cutting off the power to the electrical appliance straight away before serious damage occurs.

Within a new consumer unit the following will be installed, these are - the Main Switch, Surge Protection, Fuses and or MCB Circuit Breakers and Residual Current Devices (RCDs).

Main Switch - this is a means of isolating the power to your property. Some properties may have more than one main switch. An example of this would be for Storage Heaters. In these cases an additional fuse box may be present.

Surge Protection - New fuse boards/Consumer units will have surge protection added to them. These are to help reduce the risk of a surge of power to your property and will help to reduce the damage a surge could cause to the property.

Residual Current Devices (RCD) - these devices are used to instantly disconnect a circuit or circuits when a dangerous condition occurs. An example of this is if a cable is drilled the RCD will automatically disconnect the power to ensure further risk is limited.

Circuit Breakers - these are a newer type of fuse. They will switch off when they detect a circuit becoming overloaded. They can be easily reset when they 'trip' ensuring the fault has been found and repaired first.

Fuses - these can be found in older fuse box/ consumer unit installations. They have fuse wire fixed between two screws and when a fault occurs the wire will become hot and break, disconnecting the circuit from the mains power.

A good indication of an old fuse box that requires replacing and upgrading is if it has a wooden back, cast iron switches, rewireable fuses or a mixture of all of these. It is likely to be dated back before the 1960s.

Therefore, the consumer units we install at JS Electric Installations, are a great way of keeping your property and the people in it, as safe as possible.

If you are looking for a professional team to assist you with the installation or repair of a consumer unit, look no further than JS Electric Installations in Brighton and Hove. Why not give us a call today on 07595974619 for a free quote, or to talk to a member of our team regarding any additional information you may require.

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